Thanks Claudio

If it’s true that senior Leicester City players got Ranieri sacked then it’s absolutely shameful.

Some of the best managers in the world took years to turn failing clubs into successful ones. Ranieri took a club that were favourites for relegation, made very few changes and won the league by 10 points.

He knew it wouldn’t be repeated – other clubs with bottomless budgets would make sure of that, by spending, spending and spending again. Though what he did know was he had the fans on his side and he placed his trust in the majority of the side that became Champions.

And they let him down, big time.

They’ve spent 6 months on the champagne and they’ve let their manager take the bullet. I tell you what, he’ll walk into another job at a top European club.

As for those pampered multi-millionaire cry babies, they’ll never have it so good again. If they find themselves in the lower leagues next season it’ll be well deserved. I just hope it’s not with Leicester City, as their fans deserve better.

No manager is perfect and looking from the outside there are probably things that have happened I’m not aware of that he might have done differently this season, but he deserved the chance to make it right.

Good luck Mr Ranieri, thanks for putting some joy back into English football.

Autumnal Contentment

There’s something about this time of year which leaves me feeling extremely happy with my lot.

Not that I’m unhappy for the rest of the year – far from it – but there’s a twinkle in the eye of autumn that puts me at ease and makes me feel very relaxed and happy in my own skin.

I think it has something to do with the lifestyle we all tend to adopt when the coldness kicks in. The heating generally goes on making everything seem that much cosier. The food we rustle together is almost always comforting – the sort of food you dream about in summer when it gets a bit nithering.

Everything good about living in England comes to the fore in autumn – the plentiful produce from the harvest, the welcoming glow of roaring fires in country pubs, the multi-coloured show of the leaves on the trees turning the countryside into a tapestry, crisp clear autumnal days when the air feels just that little bit fresher. I love it all.

The onset of colder weather always excites me for some reason. Warm weather in summer is always lovely, but I can take it or leave it and I look forward to the changing of the season every year.

I can tolerate winter, I like a good summer, and I’m quite satisfied by spring – but I adore autumn.