Shed Heaven

This weekend I’ll be hoping the weather stays fine as we need to undertake one of the most important jobs in the DIY calendar (and one of Alan Shearer’s famous celebratory tasks) – treat our new shed.

We’ve had an allotment on the Middletown site now for a couple of years, and we’ve gradually made progress in turning it from a plain grass patch into a decent looking and productive allotment plot.

The addition of a shed is a welcome relief – having no car means we’ve had to carry all our tools on the 15 minute walk to the site each time we needed to do anything productive.

The next job is to build a fruit cage to keep the birds off our berries, expand the compost bin and I’m keen to put in a wildlife pond to attract some frogs to eat up all the slugs.

On a sunny day there’s no better place to be, out in the fresh air with our great view back down the valley towards Cononley.


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